Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Flight Simulator 2014 - 3D Virtual Pilot Review virtual pilot 3D 2014 bundle is a very high professional flight simulator 2014 software / game with great graphics and superb realism , it brings the expertise as a pilot . It has a massive array of aircraft that you can fly to any location that you come up with, in all different kinds of weather conditions you can imagine. Built according to research by NASA , this 3D game has been approved by the FAA and it´s also used in pilot training at a professional level . This game has become very popular because it´s also easy to use by staying highly professional.
Here are the pros and cons of this 3D game:


 Pros of the pro flight simulator 2014:

More than 200 aircrafts available :
 The game has some incredible aircraft ranges that you can choose from . Starting with the big Antonov An -225  going on with the famous 747 jumbo jet until the fast Lockheed SR71 Blackbird and even gliders and helicopters. You can also even chose first world war models! 

  Real cockpit and controls:
The cockpits in this game often behave and look the same as real cockpits with controls as if they were modeled in the concrete level , including delays in the input and response time, interference and random errors.

 Real World Airfields:
 In this area , the game tests the imagination of the user and where they want to fly to. You can fly all the way from your local airstrip or the nearest international airport to any destination in the world you can possibly imagine of . Ideally, the game comes loaded with the whole world in it.

 Realistic physics :
 Aircrafts in the pro flight simulator2014 often responds like the actual one would in the case of turbulent weather , heavy crosswind landings and takeoffs . The best part about this is the inclusion of a floor effect on each landing aircraft .

Real Time Weather :
This game has a feature that , at a certain time , with the use of meteorological reports and NOAA reports from the nearest airport to any of the current position simulating the real weather conditions at all locations during the game.

 Mind Blowing Landscape :
The geographical landscape of the * is very realistic and sometimes you maybe won´t be able to see a difference between real life and simulation.
 Multi-user support :
 The game allows the installation of multiple users , and has a multiplayer function attached to it. The game supports up to 9 monitors in any of the modes for players to have ultimate visual 3D gaming .

The game can run on the new OS such as windows 8, Windows 7 , Vista, XP, Mac OSX Leopard Edition and Mac OSX. The system has 1GB of RAM and a 2 GHz processor requirements can be achieved on most computers .


ATC : 
The Air Traffic Control System is cream colored . It not only has an arrival and departure procedures , tower and center, but also ground air traffic control system. Advanced users and gamers can ask to be vectorized and name of the airport or for visual approaches or Instrument Landing System . The user can also chose to fly under IFR or VFR .

 Actual airline routes:
To have a practical experience , as much as possible , the game allows the player to fly real routes used by airlines. The gamers can also arrange for their personal routes .

 Full autopilot functionality : 
The system has a complete autopilot feature that allows the user to just sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

 Disadvantages of virtual pilot 3d:
 The advanced features of the game and the simulation can only be fully used and enjoyed from those that are used to the principles of flight and aerodynamics , for example landing and take-off with ILS systems and recovery from stalls. The game is meant for long time players and it takes quite a long time for gamers to purchase the essentials and finally get satisfied .

 With the features , this game is sure to answer the query "what if ? " This game is just amazing. The only thing that can beat the experience of the pro flight simulator 2014, is flying in a real aircraft or to experience a real-life plane crash yourself (what nobody really wants to, correct?) – So better stay with the pro flight simulator 2014 as this is flight simulation 2014 on it´s own level – and as realistic as it can get!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2014 – Prepare For The Real Thing

Virtual Pilot 3D 2014 is the best flying simulation waiting for you, as it gives you the experience of flying a simulated aircraft right from the comforts of your home. A sea of change is now sweeping through the flight simulation industry, and today it is seen in a brand new avatar. Virtual Pilot 3D 2014 is the result of a five years intensive research and development. Its FAA approved NASA based sheer realistic, global terrain flying simulation so far does not have a competitor in the market. 

In Microsoft flight simulator 2014, Deluxe Edition, players get a chance to fly several different kinds of aircrafts, including jumbo jet and ultra-light combat aircrafts. You will also be able to fly from more than 25,000 different locations to participate in over 50 different missions. The game and its control panel can be easily customized to match each mission’s requirements. The game offers an unmatched gaming experience,  unlike by any of its predecessors or other flight simulation games. The only aspect that disappoints the gamers, globally, is that their desktop PC needs a constant update to support the minimum gaming requirements. If it is a Windows Vista PC, it can very well be the perfect gaming platform that you would like to purchase/upgrade to.

It is no wonder that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2014 is the best flight simulator 2014 for every single aspect and element of the game is designed and developed for providing players the fun and thrill of flying a real lifelike aircraft from a full size cockpit mockup using the most realistic flight dynamics. In order to run Microsoftflight simulator 2014 your PC must support the basic system requirement of Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS, or Windows XP with Service Pack 2. Additionally, the PC should contain 512MB RAM and 1.0 GHZ processor, a minimum of 14GB of hard disc and DirectX 9 compatible 32MB video card. 

To play Microsoft flight simulator 2014 on your PC, ensure that you have the correct system configuration installed/upgraded. Also, the hardware must pass through a system check prior to running the game. If you are looking for the best proflight simulator 2014, there is hardly any better option available than that Virtual Pilot 3D 2014. It not only offer the most fascinating flight simulation experience, but also carry a number of attractive features that can lift your gaming experience to an altogether new level. Simply, choose from 200 available options of aircraft options, to play 50 game missions. Moreover, you can select from the pre-installed air flight routes or you can create a special flying route for yourself. The cockpit and the flight controls are without any doubt the most impressive aspect of the best flight simulator 2014. Truly speaking it is fun to play this game, as this genuine virtual flight simulator takes some effort to master the process.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Virtual Pilot 3D: The Best Flight Simulator 2014
Flying a plane is a dream of many individuals, but the opportunity to get behind the controls of an aircraft is simply not for everyone. Flight Simulator 2014 is a game for individuals who want to know how it feels to fly a plane. The great experience of flying an actual aircraft can be represented by playing on a flightsimulator 2014. It involves different  types of technology which can affect  the level of reality in flight simulator. Currently, there are a number of flight simulation games, and they all can provide the sensation of flying an actual aircraft. Flight simulators have been used in pilot training in almost all of the aviation industry for many years. The civil and military aviation industry still uses this system to teach pilots how to fly various types of aircraft. With the flight software, the pilot can feel how to fly a real plane, and learn to handle any problems when there is an emergency situation. For those who want to buy a flight simulator for their computers, there are so many softwares and flight controls available on the market.  To find the best option, some suggests and guidelines will be very helpful in making decision.
Virtual pilot 3D 2014 is a great flight simulator that you can find. Its great features have made this simulator as a popular choice when it comes to Flight Simulator 2014. With its impressive selection of aircrafts to choose; more than 200 choices, it manages to generate a loyal following of fans. The choices will be vary, but users can choose something that suits their taste. Users also can even switch planes when they want to try another plane. Every cockpit and flight controls in Virtual Pilot 3D 2014 is accurate and has been equated with the model in real aircraft, including time delay in the input and response, and random system malfunctions and failures. By using this simulator, users will get a real experience how it feels in the cockpit of a real plane

Microsoftflight simulator 2014 is using Google Maps to create a 3D real-life terrain. Its detail is impressive, when you fly at night you'll be able to even see car lights on the main road below. In the Virtual Pilot 3D 2014 , you can select the weather conditions manually or using the NOAA reports and meteorological reports from the nearest airport to see the reflection of the actual weather.

This game simulator gives you the chance to edit the weather and air traffic situation to make the Flight Simulator 2014 more realistic. You also can use real-time weather and ATC conditions to better simulate actual flight situations. Virtual Pilot 3D 2014 also gives you the opportunity to fly actual flight routes used by most airlines. You can also choose your own flight routes, as the pilot, you can choose your own flight paths and destinations. This way, you can enjoy the great experience of flying an aircraft to airports around the world.
When we talk about learning to fly an aircraft, we must be aware that the cost will be very expensive. By using  a flight software, a valuable experience can be attained at an affordable cost. Future pilots from almost all income levels can get a realistic flight environment without having to empty their pockets. A flight simulation software will still be used by the aviation industry in their training project because it allows pilots to get hands on experience, and also teach how to deal with real life emergencies in the flight industry. This Microsoft flight simulator 2014 is very realistic and there’s no need to worry about damaging an actual aircraft.